About the Bear Week

Prague Bear Summer is an international bear week.

You can meet 200+ bears and friends from the whole world in the middle of Europe and many more gay people that attend Prague Pride festival becuase it takes place simultaneously with it - every year mostly second week in August.

Family Atmosphere

In addition to the big pride festival our goal is to keep literally homey, cordial atmosphere to foster a "bear family". Thus you can meet most people in person and make new friends.
This is also place to meet your friends you know from other international bear events.

Various Inclusive Events

Programme consists of events of various types from bear society gatherings, parties, naturist swimming or sauna, attending pride parade, farewell lunch or guided city tour which creates inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome - including not only chasers and bear lovers but also non-binary or transgender people.

Historical City

City of Prague is beautiful historical city called the "Mother of Cities", so for first-timers we also provide a high quality guided city tour focused on all the important buildings and architectural styles of Prague's historical centre and learn about the historical, social and cultural factors which shaped the city and society from a LGBI+ perspective.

Bear Village

An outstanding event so called "Bear Village" in the space dedicated with barbecue, tap beer, whirlpool, play rooms, music, chillout… takes places at the end of the week.

Bears like naturism

Naturistic sunbathing and swimming in a lake on the outskirts of Prague is already a regular popular event.
It also includes the necessary transport by suburban train from the city centre.


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What is a bear week about?
Bear Week is about bears and guys who share bear values coming together at various events.
It includes things that guys like - draft beer, parties at the club, naturist swimming or even lunch together.
You'll meet your current bear friends from different parts of the world or make new ones.
Is this for bears only? Will I fit in?
The atmosphere is very laid back. The event is intended is for bears, friends and admirers. If you are interested in bears, we would like to see you among us :)
We don't cater for specific bear “sub-types”, such as musclebears, chubbies or daddy bears, it’s not the case. There are no divides and no one feels excluded because of his body or age in here.
Is this a sex event?
Not as such. The bear week consists from several events, including social events, fun events, relaxing events… and also cruising events when meeting likeminded men is easier. Please note we must encourage all current safety recommedations - be responsible and play safe.
Any nudist event?
We like naked swimming & sunbathing so you will find at least one such event in the programme. There are also some parties with a cruising zone, of course, dresscode is not required.