Frequently Asked Questions

We help facilitate contact between DJs and organizers of community events, especially for bears, free of charge.

The service is provided as is, without entitlement to anything.

Simply contact the selected DJs directly via their listed contacts directly.

We can help facilitate the contact, or serve as a single point of contact if you want to reach multiple DJs at once.

We recommend considering the points mentioned in the chapter "Before setting up an event" beforehand.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Have already played a bear event
  • Have sufficient technical DJ skills
  • Know one of the DJs already featured, or someone who can give us a reference on how you are involved in the bear community
  • indicate which bear events you regularly attend, if any

Just fill out the application form and we'll see :)

Presentation of the artist here is free of charge and cannot be claimed by payment.

We post artists based on an assessment of their past activities, references and ability to contribute to the Bear community.

By contributing to the community, we mean offering help and helpfulness to event organizers - to act in the interest of making a nice event happen.

Sometimes it may be necessary to make concessions from the usual demands - it is up to the art of negotiation of everyone to see what works out in the end :)

However, we certainly don't take it as sufficient when an artist just creates self-promotional sets at regular intervals and spamming the social networks of bear organizations with them.

The ranking is automatically changed randomly and does not take into account the name of the artist, country of origin, music style or date of registration.

Get involved

Contact us and let us know how we can help you :)
It may be useful to go through the FAQs beforehand.