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The artists presented here

  • Have an awareness of bear culture
  • Have played at a bear event
  • Can adapt their style to the event
  • Have sufficient technical knowledge and djing skills

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  • We can facilitate contact between artists and organizers
  • We can recommend suitable artists
  • Or simply reach out to your DJs directly using their contacts

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It may be useful to go through the FAQs beforehand.

Before setting up an event

Awareness of the following helps running thing smoothly.

Which type(s) of music would you consider?

  • House / Pop-House / Trance
  • Deep House / Progressive House / Techno
  • Mainstream / Radio Music
  • Other / Non Commercial Music

Type of event or venue do you need a DJ for?

  • Club, Disco, Café Party
  • Big Stage Event, Open Air Event
  • Private Residence, Birthday Party - Adult

Expected age(s) and type of guests?

  • 25 - 55 years old
  • dance & club electronic music lovers
  • other type audience, atmosphere

What DJ services would you consider?

  • How many DJs do you expect?
  • DJ using it's own equipment, mixing console
  • you have fully equipped club with a DJ booth
  • connection by standard stereo RCA (CINCH) or XLR output

What might be requirements at the venue?

  • 230V AC power outlet (socket)
  • power amplifier with standard RCA (CINCH) or XLR input
  • (active) loud speakers
  • analog DJ mixer with standard RCA (CINCH) input
  • microphone(s) or wireless microphone(s)
  • DJ booth monitor